About Roots Music

Roots Music Inc. is an artist owned independent musician resource co-op. Our goal is to work cooperatively with artists toward achieving a regional level of success. We work as a group to better the whole. 

Cooperation not competition. Having more than one band split the cost on everything from promotional items to advertisements offsets the cost to each band and enables all involved to achieve more. We group like bands together and help with touring, booking, recording, distribution, promotion, and merchandising. 

Indy is the future. R.M.I. looks for bands and musicians projecting a positive message, bands that are willing to do work to further themselves, and most importantly bands that put on a good live show. We stress a high level of performance, you will not go see one of our artists live and wonder if it was the same people that recorded the CD. 

Take the power and give the people a choice. We are against the tight constraints applied by the current record industry. The music of the future will be more diverse. Eventually the people will realize that there are good bands out there, you just have to look. We stress the importance of grassroots marketing, street teams, the internet and word of mouth to get music to the people. The current music industry seems to have forgotten what started the whole thing, Music. 

Here are a list a services we can provide: 

  •  Booking
  •  Promotional Materials
  •  Co-op Advertising, Share the cost with another band.
  •  Web Design
  •  CD Artwork and Layout
  •  Photography
  •  Recording and Production
  •  Video Production
  •  Merchandise Consultation
  •  P.A. and Equipment Rentals